2005 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

2006 Annual Meeting Wrap-Up

Photos of the Annual Meeting

Terry Erwin, the 2005 ESA Founders' Memorial Awardee
and Lecturer, gave the plenary speech on opening day.

Along with 2005 President Mike Ivie (back left), 2005 Fellows
(left to right), Sonny Ramaswamy, Loke-Tuck Kok, Frank Davis,
George Ball, Lubomir Masner, and Henry Howden.

A welcome reception was held after the plenary session
so attendees could meet up with colleagues on opening day.

The welcome reception, which featured a wide
variety of hors d'oeuvres, was well attended.

The scientific posters were a popular place to be
in Fort Lauderdale.

Irene Moon gave an performance art piece with
entomological flair during the student reception.

Much to the audience's delight, John Acorn
performed during the closing session.