2005 Student Competition for the President's Prize

10-Minute Oral Presentations


Number of Presentations Submitted

Section A 36
Section B 13
Section C 97
Section D 8
Sections E&F 35
Total 189

(Compared to 197 in 2004)



Session A1
First Place: James A. Robertson, University of Georgia (Paper # 233)
Honorable Mention:
Gavin J. Svenson, Brigham Young University (Paper # 229)

Session A2
First Place: Michelle D. Trautwein, North Carolina State University (Paper # 246)
Honorable Mention: Matthew E. Gruwell, University of Massachusetts (Paper # 251)

Session A3
First Place: Stephanie Stephens, Texas A&M University (Paper # 262)
Honorable Mention: Hume Douglas, Carleton University (Paper # 257)

Session A4
First Place: Jennifer M. Zaspel, University of Florida (Paper # 266)
Honorable Mention: Jessica L. Ware, Rutgers University (Paper # 271)

Session B1
First Place: Jeremy A. Kroemer, University of Kentucky (Paper # 294)
Honorable Mention: M. Robert Michaud, Ohio State University (Paper # 282)

Session B2
First Place: Eliseu J.G. Pereira, University of Nebraska (Paper # 295)
Honorable Mention: G. Christopher Cutler, University of Georgia (Paper # 297)

Session Ca1, Ce1
First Place: Anna K. Fiedler, Michigan State University (Paper # 312)
Honorable Mention: Carrie E. Graham, University of Maine (Paper # 309)

Session Ca2, Ce2
First Place: Jayne M. Christen, Kansas State University (Paper # 314)
Honorable Mention: Yadwinder S. Deol, Ohio State University (Paper # 315)

Session Ca3, Ce3
First Place: Casey D. Butler, Prudue University (Paper # 334)
Honorable Mention: James R. McNeil, Pennsylvania State University (Paper # 330)

Session Cb, Fb1
First Place: David A. Tanner, University of California-Riverside (Paper # 354)
Honorable Mention: Bert Rivera-Marchand, University of Puerto Rico (Paper # 350)

Session Cc, Fa
First Place: Jeffrey A. Davis, University of Minnesota (Paper # 355)
Honorable Mention: Jennifer M. Dean, Pennslyvania State University (Paper # 359)

Session Cd1
First Place: Tara P. Smith, Louisiana State University (Paper # 300)
Honorable Mention: Emerson S. Lacey, University of Illinois (Paper # 377)

Session Cd2
First Place: Rebecca A. Hoffman, University of Wisconsin (Paper # 379)
Honorable Mention: Shannon Mahony, Carleton University (Paper # 386)

Session Cd3
First Place: Oscar G. Perez, Montana State University (Paper # 390)
Honorable Mention: Matthew D. Trager, University of Florida (Paper # 394)

Session Cd4
First Place: Mary Margaret Gardiner, Michigan State University (Paper # 407)
Honorable Mention: Maria Derval C. Diaz, Cornell University (Paper # 405)

Session Cd5
First Place: Sandra M. Adams, University of Montana (Paper # 425)
Honorable Mention: Candice A. Stafford, University of California-Riverside (Paper # 421)

Session Cd6
First Place: Ximena E. Bernal, University of Texas (Paper # 432)
Honorable Mention: Barrett A. Klein, University of Texas (Paper # 435)

Session Cd7, Cf, Ea, Eb
First Place: Heike Wanner, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Paper # 439)
Honorable Mention: Casey M. Delphia, Pennsylvania State University (Paper # 449)

Session D, Fb2
First Place: Rebecca W. Baldwin, University of Florida (Paper # 454)
Honorable Mention: Lee W. Cohnstaedt, Yale University (Paper # 458)

Session F1, Fb3
First Place: Anna I. Getchell, Kansas State University (Paper # 468)
Honorable Mention: Matthew R. Rawlings, Oklahoma State University (Paper # 473)

Session F2, Fb4
First Place: Kristen Tollerup, University of California-Riverside (Paper # 493)
Honorable Mention: Tony Grace, Kansas State University (Paper #481)

Judges and Moderators

Student Competition Co-Chairs Phil Mulder and Tom Royer would like to sincerely thank the 63 judges and 41 moderators whose hard work and dedication ensured that the 10-minute oral presentations for the student competition were completed successfully.


Virginia Abbot Russell L. Groves Tahir Rashid
Laura Altfield Christina Grozinger Rick Redak
Norman Barr George Heimpel Will Reeves
Leah Bauer David W. Held David Robacker
Carlos A. Blanco Ken Helms David B. Roden
Sue Blodgett Lambert Kanga Silvia I. Rondon
Edmond Bonjour Shahid Karim Mike Sharkey
Marc Branham Jarrod Leland Mike Scharf
Andrew Brower Tracy Leskey Greta Schuster
Brian Cabrera Oscar E. Liburd Derek Sikes
Dawn Calibeo-Hayes Richard Mankin Alton Sparks, Jr.
Jim Campbell Paula Mitchell Dale Spurgeon
Johnny Chen Patrick Moran Robin Stuart
Anthony Cognato Geoffrey Morse Jim Throne
Hugh Conway Karen Ober Patrick C. Tobin
Robert W. Davis Faith M. Oi Steve Toth
Ernest S. Delfosse Reddy Palli Carol Von Dohlen
Robert C. Everich Megha Parajulee M.O. Way
Quentin Fang Dan Pavuk Stuart Wooley
Daniel Flores T. Keith Philips Robert Wiedenmann
Stephen Gaimari Asha Rao Qing-He Zhang


Carol Anelli Marian Hay Roe Aysha Prather
Charles Apperson Gregg Henderson David Ragsdale
Elaine Backus Louis S. Hesler Stephen Roberts
Mark A. Boetel David Jenkins Olav Ruepell
Jane Breen Pierce Brian Kunkel Alma Solis
Mark Brown Houping Liu Gary Steck
Denny Bruck Sharon McDonald John Stireman
Eileen Buss Rob Meagher Brian Sullivan
Yasmin Cardoza Michael E. Merchant Julie Urban
Larry D. Charlet Gary Mullen Ed Vargo
Henry Fadamiro Richard O. Musser David Wagner
Peter Follett Roberto Pereira Ping Wang
Michael W. Gates Robert Peterson John Wenzel
Kristopher Giles Theresa Pitts-Singer