Call for questions for the 2020 Entomology Games

The Entomology Games Committee is excited to open the annual call for submissions for new questions to include in the Entomology Games question bank.

Questions that would allow student competitors to demonstrate broad knowledge in entomology are encouraged. For a list of general subject areas used to categorize the questions, please visit the ESA website. We are also soliciting questions focused on historical entomologists from underrepresented groups. Please be as detailed as possible with citations for answers so the Entomology Games committee is able to complete additional research if required.  

Examples of questions, answers and citations are below.  

Behavior and Ecology

Question:What is the family of the insect whose behavior must be observed in order to correctly use Dolbear's Law to calculate air temperature?
Answer: Gryllidae [Dolbear’s law relates air temperature to the rate at which snowy tree crickets chirp]


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Submissions Due by August 21, 2020
Thank you for your interest in the Games! We are looking forward to hearing from you!
Contact Rosina Romano with any questions