ESA Voting Instructions

  • Access the ESA Voting Website

  • Enter your preferred email address on file with ESA as your voting username

  • Enter your 5- or 6-Digit ESA Member ID Number as your password. If you do not know your ID, you can sign in to your ESA account, and your ID number will appear in the welcome text in the upper left.

  • Click "Login"

  • Select "Start" next to the first election listed. You can view each candidate's biographical information at any time by selecting "details" next to their names.

  • Click the box next to each of your choices then select "Next"

  • Review your selections, click the Participant Consent box, then select "Submit"

  • View or print a receipt of your ballot, if you wish, and select "Home" to repeat the process for each election.

If you need assistance logging in or have any questions about the ballot, please contact ESA by emailing  

Thank you for your participation! 

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