Julien Saguez

Julien SaguezDr. Julien Saguez completed his Ph.D. in France in 2007. From 2008-2015, he joined Dr. Charles Vincent's laboratory (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada) as a two-year postdoc and then as a research assistant. He studied the tritrophic interactions between leafhoppers, grapevines, and phytoplasmas. In 2015, Julien joined the CÉROM (Centre de Recherche sur les grains). He develops projects on different field crop pests and conducts projects on invasive pests associated with corn and soybean in a context of climate change. He is also involved into the provincial Pest Monitoring Network.

Julien introduced and advanced the use of electropenetrography (EPG) technique in Canada to conduct studies on the feeding behaviour of leafhoppers and aphids.

Julien has produced several scientific communications—two patents, 21 peer-reviewed scientific papers, five book chapters, five technical bulletins and guides, 10 non-peer-reviewed papers, 10 conferences proceedings, 38 oral presentations, and 47 posters—and has presented in provincial, national, and international meetings.

Since 2008, Julien has promoted entomology to the community, visiting schools and giving courses. More than 4,000 young students have been initiated to entomology.

Julien is member of three entomological societies: SEQ (Québec), ESC (Canada), and ESA (America, Plant-Insect Ecosystems and International Branch member). From 2014 to 2017, Julien was member of the executive committee of the SEQ (president in 2015-2016). In 2015, he was involved in the organizing committee of the ESC-SEQ Joint Annual Meeting. In 2016, at the ICE, he co-chaired a symposium and, in 2018, he will co-organize a symposium for the ESA, ESC, and ESBC Joint Annual Meeting.

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