Michelle Smith


Michelle Smith is leader of the North America Region Integrated Field Science team in Corteva Agriscience Research and Development. Prior to this role, Michelle worked on integration of research and development (R&D) organizations during merger and earlier led a Dow AgroSciences team responsible for early-stage development of traits in corn. She has held other leadership and technical roles, including leading a U.S.-based field science group developing products for the urban pest, turf and ornamentals, and range and pasture markets and leading a global biology team for the Sentricon system.

Michelle has over 20 years of business and R&D experience in pest management, technology transfer, and communications. Michelle received her B.A. from Hollins University and her Master's in entomology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. She is a Board Certified Entomologist and has served ESA in numerous capacities including currently serving as Treasurer. Michelle has served ESA through the Education and Youth Committee, North Central Branch Honorary Awards Committee, Stan Beck Fellowship panel, and Science Policy Capability Committee as well as Medical, Urban, and Veterinary Entomology Section Treasurer and co-organizer of member symposia and a program symposium on diversity in entomology.

Michelle engages in outreach as a Corteva Agriscience Science Ambassador for science programs directed to children and is active in the Corteva Grows Food Security network. Michelle is an advocate for encouragement of women in the fields of agriculture and entomology and was a driving force behind formation of the ESA Special Committee on Diversity & Inclusion.

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