Susan Weller, Vice President Elect

Susan Weller
University of Minnesota

Biographical Sketch

Dr. Susan Weller earned her PhD in zoology from the University of Texas at Austin in 1989. Her research is focused on the systematics of Noctuoidea and other Lepidoptera. Susan is a professor at the University of Minnesota in the Department of Entomology and J.F. Bell Museum of Natural History. She has over 21 years of museum curatorial experience, including six years as the first woman director of the Bell Museum. In 2011, she oversaw an institutional merger with the Planetarium Society and in May, 2014, she obtained state funding for a new museum-planetarium facility. Dr. Weller became a member of ESA as a graduate student and has since served ESA in diverse roles throughout her career, from scientific symposium organizer to Governing Board Representative. She served as a Section A Chair (2002), and she served as national Program Co-Chair for the 2005 Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, which was disrupted by Hurricane Wilma and rescued with swift actions. Dr. Weller was elected to serve as the North Central Branch Governing Board Representative from 2009-2011. She has served on several ad-hoc and standing ESA committees, and was Vice-Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee (2003, 2004), which gathered member insights and input on the restructuring of ESA into its current four-Section structure. She served on the presidential committee of Student and Young Professionals/ Early Professionals (SYP/STEP 2011-2013) during its transition. She enjoys participating in annual and branch meetings – whether it is sharing research or judging the Linnaean Games.