Other Governing Entities

In addition to its Governing Board, many of ESA's functions are carried out by other governing entities. For more information on each entity, please click on the links below.

ESA's Branches are designated on the basis of geographical contiguity for the purpose of holding meetings, providing an opportunity for presentation of papers, and stimulating interest in entomology.

Sections & Subsections
ESA's membership is organized by subject matter into Sections and Subsections for the purpose of stimulating investigation into and disseminating information on the various disciplines within the science.

ESA has three types of committees: Standing, Special, and Presidential.

Certification Board
The Certification Board administers the certification programs, sets certification standards, and promotes recognition of Board Certified Entomologists.

Publications Council
The Publications Council (1) initiates recommendations and advises the Governing Board about the publication needs and policies of the Society, (2)facilitates communication among the Governing Board, Editorial Boards, and Sections, and (3) recommends editorial policy for the Society.

Editorial Boards
The Editorial Board for each of ESA's publications carries out the following:(1) sets guidelines for its assigned publication within the policies established by the Publications Council and the Governing Board, (2) makes recommendations to the Governing Board for the Editor-in-Chief of the publications, (3) serves as an appeal board to consider formal objections by authors to editorial decisions, (4) and reviews at least every third year a preceding volume of the publication to maintain high standards of publication.