Alvaro Romero

Incoming MUVE Representative to the Journal of Integrated Pest Management Editorial Board

Dr. Alvaro Romero is Assistant Professor of Urban Entomology at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces. Romero has a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from the National University of Colombia, a M.Sc. in Veterinary Entomology from Kansas State University, and a Ph. D. in Urban Entomology from the University of Kentucky. He has studied bed bugs since their resurgence particularly insecticide resistance, the impact of insecticides on bed bug behavior and development of integrated management tactics for this pest. Currently his bed bug research is focused on studying the mechanisms of insecticide resistance as well as the use of synergists to enhance the effectiveness of insecticides. Romero is Ad hoc member of the FIFRA Scientific Advisory Panel (FIFRA-SAP) to review issues related to methods for efficacy testing of bed bug pesticide products.

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