ESA Founders' Memorial Award

The Founders’ Memorial Award honors two people at once, giving an entomologist with outstanding credentials the opportunity to present a keynote lecture at the ESA Annual Meeting to showcase the posthumous legacy of a scientist whose work made a significant impact in entomology.

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See the full list of ESA Founders’ Memorial Award winners, 1958–2019


The nomination deadline has been extended to April 16


Honor Bestowed

The Founders' Memorial Award was established in 1958. The awardee receives $1,000 and an inscribed plaque, as well as free registration to the ESA Annual Meeting in the year the award is given. The awardee must deliver the Founders' Memorial Lecture and receive the award at the annual meeting.


The presenter of the memorial lecture must be a current ESA member and have a record of accomplishment in entomology. The scientist who is honored in memoriam must have made major contributions that have had a significant impact on entomology.

Nomination Requirements

Any ESA member may submit nominations for this award. The nomination package must include:

  1. A 1-2 page nomination letter indicating the basis of the nomination by describing the scientific, educational, and/or extension contributions of both the entomologist nominated to present the Founders' Memorial Lecture and the entomologist to be honored in memoriam
  2. A brief biographical sketch of awardee and honoree
  3. A list of publications or other suitable documentation of achievements in entomology for both awardee and honoree
  4. Three letters of recommendation for the awardee

Additionally, all nominators and nominees will be required to sign the professional conduct disclosure form.

Anonymous support letters.  Follow the below instructions to submit an anonymous letter. The purpose of a anonymous letter is so that the nominator is not able to see the letter that the individual is providing.  If it is okay for the nominator to see the letter, submit the letter directly to the nominator.

  1. Once the award application has been initiated, contact with the Award ID # , nominee name, and the letter in PDF format.
  2. Once the letter has been uploaded by the ESA Awards Administrator, the nominator will receive an email notification.
  3. Please note, ESA is not responsible for individuals that do not contact the awards administration by the deadline date. It is up to the nominator to make sure that the individuals email the letter(s) by the deadline date. If an anonymous letter is not received by the deadline, this will impact the score of the nominee. These letters count towards the page count total.

Electronic Submission Requirements

All nomination packages must be submitted electronically according to the following specifications.

Page Limits

  • The entire nomination package must not exceed 20 pages total. This includes letters of nomination or recommendation and publication lists.
  • Letters of nomination and recommendation must be included in the electronic package. Printed letters sent in lieu of electronic versions will not be accepted.

File Specifications

  • Only the following file formats will be accepted: PDF, RTF, TIF graphic files, or JPG graphic files. Please make sure scanned images can be clearly read on a computer screen.
  • Font size for text may not be smaller than 10 point.
  • The nomination site requires a single nomination packet via one PDF file. If you do not have software to merge the documents, please send all of your files  to for assistance.

Judging Process and Notification

All candidates and their nominators will be notified of the results once the awardee and honoree have been selected by the Founders' Memorial Judging Panel.


Any candidate nominated, but not selected may be renominated no more than two times within the two-year period after his or her initial submission. Nomination packages will be retained for two years by the awards administrator. Nominators must send a letter of renomination to the awards administrator by the nomination deadline. Previously submitted documentation will be used for the evaluation process unless the nominator submits new or updated documents. The renomination email must contain this additional documentation. New or updated documents must follow the electronic submission requirements noted above.

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