Delusions of Infestations (DI): Identifying Issues and Providing Answers

Video Segment 1:

  • Introductory remarks by Gale Ridge
  • Media coverage and public understanding of delusions of infestation by Erika Engelhaupt
  • Delusional infestations in the emergency department by Johnathan Sheele
  • Delusions of infestations from an entomologists point of view by Gale Ridge
  • Q&A with Presenters

Video Segment 2

  • Animal suffering and euthanization due to human psychosis by Nancy Hinkle
  • When delusional patients are really infested: The exception to the rule by Richard Pollack
  • Q&A with Presenters

Video Segment 3: 

  • The role of clinical parasitology in delusions of infestations by Bobbi Pritt
  • Doors of perception: Clues to distinguish real vs. imagined ectoparasitic infestations by Scott Norton
  • Differential diagnosis and treatment of delusional parasitosis by Dirk Elston
  • Q&A with Presenters

Video Segment 4

  • How a psychodermatologist connect with and successfully treat patients with Morgellon’s syndrome by John Koo
  • Managing difficult patient/client interactions by Michelle Magid
  • Delusions of infestations an update from the European point of view by Peter Lepping
  • Q&A with Presenters
  • Discussion
  • Closing remarks by Gale Ridge