Science Communication at the 2018 Eastern Branch Meeting

This year's program will feature two special events on science communication. Mark your calendars and plan to join us for both events. 

Lunch & Learn Science Communication Panel Discussion

The science communication discussion is entitled “Science, Media and Policy on the National Stage: Getting the Bugs Out,” to take place Sunday as a Lunch & Learn session with no concurrent activities. Moderated by veteran science communicator Prof. Mike Raupp of Univ. of Maryland, it will include Kim Todd, Monday's keynote speaker, popular book and magazine author and Associate Professor of Literary Nonfiction at Univ. of Minnesota; David Malakoff, AAAS Deputy News  Editor, specializing in coverage of science policy, energy and environment; Mike Murillo, Reporter and Weekend Anchor at WTOP News Radio; and WAMU 88.5 Public Radio Producer Ingalisa Schrobsdorff, who produces the Kojo Nnamdi show. The discussion will address diverse media outlets, and the ways and means of concise and accurate yet engaging communication of scientific findings, with implications for scientists, citizens, society and policymakers.

Plenary & Awards Luncheon

Monday’s lunchtime Keynote speaker, science writer Kim Todd, is the award-winning author of Sparrow (Reaktion Books); Chrysalis, Maria Sibylla Merian and the Secrets of Metamorphosis (Harcourt); and Tinkering with Eden, a Natural History of Exotic Species (W.W. Norton). Her work has appeared in Smithsonian, Orion, the Best American Science and Nature Writing anthology, and has been featured on NPR's Science Friday. She is Associate Professor of Literary Nonfiction at the University of Minnesota.

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