Entomophagy Reconsidered at Entomology 2010

These video clips were shot during a symposium called  "Entomophagy Reconsidered: Current Status and Challenges, Potential Directions, and an Invitation to Entomologists," which took place at Entomology 2010, the 58th Annual Meeting of the Entomological Society of America in San Diego, California.

Due to the length of the symposium, the presentations are presented below as individual videos.

Entomophagy Reconsidered Introduction
By David Gracer, Community College of Rhode Island

Entomophagy in the U.S.: History, Current Status, and Future Prospect
By Gene R. DeFoliart, University of Wisconsin-Madison (Retired); Megha N. Parajulee, Texas AgriLife Research and Extension Center

Why Hasn't Mainstream Academic Entomology Taken Entomophagy Seriously?
By David Gracer, Community College of Rhode Island

Can Insects Relieve Global Malnutrition? A Pediatric Nutrition Perspective
By Frank A. Franklin, University of Alabama at Birmingham

How Do U.S. Entomologists Contribute to World Hunger?
Florence Dunkel, Montana State University

Entomophagy in American Higher Education
By Marianne Shockley Robinette, University of Georgia

Attitudes Toward Invertebrates: Are Educational “Bug Banquets” Effective?
By Heather Looy, The King's University College

A Case Study: Gourmet Insects for Western Palates
Marjolaine Giroux, Montreal Insectarium

Entomophagy and Media/Design
Rosanna Yau, California College for the Arts

Entomophagy and Allergy: Immune Reactions to Ingested Arthropods
John Carlson, Tulane University School of Medicine