ESA Activities in Support of the March for Science

We March for Science

Art by ESA member Carly M. Tribull.

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) has endorsed the March for Science, which was held on April 22. The stated goals and non-partisan principles of the March for Science align closely with the strategic principles of ESA, in particular ESA's commitment to ensuring that all of its members can participate fully in the organization and its conviction that entomologists must collaborate with government and the public to maximize the positive benefits insect science offers to the world.

ESA members participated in marches taking place around the world. We will be adding links below to videos and photos from March for Science events as we receive them, as well as other resources of interest.

Videos, Photos, and Recaps from the March for Science

Read Entomology Today's recap blog post about entomologists at the March for Science.

View ESA's March for Science photo gallery on Flickr.

ESA member Jessica Ware's remarks at the March for Science in Washington, DC:

ESA Vice-President Elect Robert K.D. Peterson's remarks at the March for Science in Bozeman, Montana: 

ESA Past President May Berenbaum's remarks on "Nine Reasons Why Science Would Make an Awful Boyfriend" at the March for Science in Urbana, Illinois:

What's Next? How You Can Get Involved

Consider the many opportunities to learn about science communications at ESA's 2017 Annual Meeting

Learn how you can get involved with ESA Science Policy

Resources on Science Communication and Advocacy

Review ESA's March for Science webinar, which included advice on advocating for science with legislators and on communicating effectively with the media about science. 

Share ESA's video playlist created to showcase the fascinating world of entomology for the public.

Review ESA's March for Science press kit, which includes frequently asked questions about ESA's participation in the March for Science and advice on how to work effectively with the media. 

Download ESA's science advocacy and literacy flyers distributed to marchers in Washington, DC, and at satellite marches:

Background on the March for Science

Read ESA’s press release on its support for the March for Science

Learn more about the March for Science