Checklist & Instructions for Symposium Organizers

Below are the steps which need to be completed for your symposium in the online system. These steps must be completed by the following deadlines:

Program Symposia: April 20, 2021
Section and Member Symposia and Organized Meetings: May 17, 2021

  1. Contact each presenter to ensure they will participate in your symposium. Presenters are limited to one oral and one poster presentation, please confirm that they have not already committed to another symposium.
    • The Annual Meeting Program Committee, the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, and President Michelle Smith encourage you to make an effort to have a strong representation of diverse speakers across demographics, career experiences, and disciplines. Please take some time to consider the diversity of the speaker line-up of your symposium. Diversity is important—it will enrich your symposium, widen perspectives on your study area, and showcase as openness to opportunities for all in your field. View the recommended considerations compiled by ESA's Diversity & Inclusion Committee.
  2. Obtain the following information from each presenter:
    • Presentation title
    • Author information (for all contributing authors) including name, email address, affiliation, and city, state (US) or city, country (international)
    • Abstract (strongly recommended, but not required)
  3. Add the names of each presenting author in your symposium using the "Organizer and Presenter Information" task. 
    • Be sure to use the "Member Lookup" function first to determine whether the speaker already has a record. 
    • Do not add co-authors on this step. They will be added in a separate task.
    • Please note: You can come back to this step as often as necessary through the deadline.
  4. Once all presenting authors have been added, go to the "Session Presentations" task. 
    • Using the "Edit Form" button under each presenter's name, add their presentation, whether the presentation will be given virtually, and the abstract. 
      • Abstracts are strongly encouraged, but not required. Presenters will be given the ability to edit their abstracts at a later time.
    • When you select "Continue", you will be asked to enter co-author information. If there are no co-authors on the presentation, you may simple select "Continue" at the bottom. 
    • Repeat these steps for each presenting author. 
    • Please note: You can come back to this step as often as necessary through the deadline.
  5. Additional Information
    • There are a few additional logistical details that need to be collected. Be sure to complete the questions under the Additional Information task. 
  6. Please note: The following items will be requested at a later time:
    • Agenda items such as Welcoming Remarks, Breaks, Panel Discussion, etc. 
    • Presentation durations
    • Program Enhancement Funds requests

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