G. Michael Chippendale, ESA Fellow (1994)

Dr. G. Michael Chippendale, professor emeritus of the University of Missouri (MU), was elected as Fellow in 1994.  He is recognized internationally for his research in insect physiology, focusing on diapause, nutrition, endocrinology, and growth regulators in plant-feeding insects.

Chippendale was born in Boroughbridge, Yorkshire, England, where he spent his first 21 years. He attended Manchester University, receiving his B.S. degree in 1961.  He received his M.S. degree from the University of Waterloo, Canada, in 1963, and his Ph. D. degree from the  University of Wisconsin in 1965. He held postdoctoral positions at the Universities of  Wisconsin and Leeds, England, before accepting an assistant professor position at MU in 1968.  He was promoted to professor in 1976.

Significant advances from Chippendale’s laboratory include demonstrating that juvenile hormone regulates the larval diapause of the southwestern corn borer. His group showed that a specific protein accumulates in the fat body of this corn borer at the onset of diapause, thereby providing a new biochemical tool to study the regulation of diapause. His group showed that photoperiod and thermoperiod interact to induce the larval diapause of this corn borer. They showed that a high‑density lipophorin, synthesized and released by the fat body into the hemolymph of this corn borer, is essential for lipid transport and survival during diapause. His group also demonstrated that ecdysone agonists have potential as biorational control agents against the European and southwestern corn borers.

From 1964 to 2002, Chippendale authored or co-authored 117 journal articles, including three in Nature. He contributed a chapter on larval diapause to the 1976 Annual Review of Entomology.

In 1979, John J. Brown and Chippendale received the Insect Biochemistry Prize from the Journal of Insect Biochemistry for their article on the diapause protein of the southwestern corn borer. Chippendale gave invited research presentations in Wageningen, Netherlands (1981), London, England (1983), Nairobi, Kenya (1986), and Szklaska, Poland (1987).

Chippendale taught Insect Physiology (1968–99), Insect Morphology (1982–90), and Seminar in Insect Physiology (1984–90).  In 1984, he received an Award of Merit from students of MU’s C.V. Riley Entomological Society for his teaching and mentoring contributions.

Chippendale’s contributions to ESA include being Representative of Section B to the Governing Board (1984-90), Member of the Governing Board’s Committee on Human Diversity (1994-97), and Chair of the Special Committee on Electronic Publications (1995).

Beginning in 1988, Chippendale held administrative positions at MU, including, chair of the Department of Entomology, unit leader of Plant Sciences, interim associate director of the Missouri Agricultural Experiment Station, and senior associate dean, College Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources. In 2006, he completed his career at MU as interim director of the Bond Life Sciences Center. In 2007, he established a consulting firm, Chippendale Consulting, LLC to advise on the planning and design of  life sciences facilities (www.chippendaleconsulting.com).

Chippendale is married to Ene-Kaja (Härm) Chippendale. They have a son, Stephen, and a daughter, Katherine. His hobbies include photography, gardening with native plants, biking, and walking in natural areas.