Frantisek Sehnal, ESA Fellow (2007)

Dr. Frantisek Sehnal studied biology and chemistry in Czechoslovakia, completed Ph.D. studies under the guidance of Vladimir Novak, and worked as a postdoc with Howard Schneiderman at Case Western Reserve University before he returned to a permanent position with the Entomological Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences. He initially investigated ecophysiology of caddisflies, but gained recognition for his work on the action of juvenile hormone and juvenoids (Steinhouse Memorial Lectureship Award from the University of California, Irvine in 1972). Subsequent research on neurohormones and silk composition was acknowledged by the Japanese Government Award for Foreign Specialists in 1987.

The fall of communism opened the door to a professorship at the University of South Bohemia (Czech Republic). He served one term as University Vice-Rector. In 1995 he became the Director of the Entomological Institute, and in 2007 was named Director of the Biology Center of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

His research interests were extended to oxidative stress, circadian rhythms, environmental impact of genetically modified crops, and nature conservation. He has mentored 17 Ph.D. students, published 20 patents and more than 250 papers, is currently on the editorial boards of seven journals, plays important roles in international scientific life, and is currently serving as the Chair of the Council for the next International Congress of Entomology in Durban, South Africa.

(updated October, 2007)