Larry P. Pedigo, ESA Fellow (2005)

Dr. Larry P. Pedigo has been a national leader in IPM for over 30 years. He has led the development and use of economic injury levels (EILs). His approach to establishing them has been the primary method used in the United States and abroad. Many major books and web sites on pest management use his equation, EIL=C/VDIK.

In addition to his IPM expertise, Pedigo was an early leader in sampling methodologies for agricultural pests. A major reference is the Handbook of Sampling Methods for Arthropods in Agriculture (1994), which he and a former student edited. He has published more than 160 refereed papers.

Pedigo earned his M.S. (1965) and Ph.D. (1967) in entomology from Purdue University. In 1967, he became an assistant professor at Iowa State University, where he retired in 2001 as a university professor. At the university, Pedigo founded and directed a secondary major in pest management, and designed and taught six new courses in entomology, pest management, and zoology. He has taught more than 2,000 undergraduates in Fundamentals of Entomology and Pest Management, and wrote the textbook and coauthored the laboratory manual for the course.

(updated September, 2005)