Dr. Catherine Loudon, ESA Fellows (2020)

Catherine LoudonDr. Catherine Loudon is a faculty member at the University of California, Irvine (UCI). She received her undergraduate degree from Brown University (Sc.B. Honors in biophysics) and her Ph.D. from Duke University (zoology; minor in mechanical engineering), funded by an NSF Predoctoral Fellowship. She did postdoctoral research at the University of Minnesota, Cornell University (where she was awarded an NSF Postdoctoral Fellowship), and University of California, Berkeley. Prior to moving to UCI, Loudon was on the faculty at Ithaca College, an NSF visiting professor at Kansas State University, and a faculty member at the University of Kansas.

Loudon's research is in the interdisciplinary area of physical biology/biomechanics; she is particularly interested in the application of physical principles to insect sensory systems, and biomimetic design. She has evaluated how chemical signal interception rates are affected by antennal morphology, movement, air flow, and microhabitats. Loudon was awarded an NSF CAREER Award for her interdisciplinary research in insect chemical interception. In addition, Loudon has been working with several collaborators on the development of physical pesticides using microfabrication approaches, which has led to two patents. Her research has been featured several times in high-profile outlets. Loudon feels particularly appreciative for the extraordinary, talented, and diverse mentors, collaborators, and students with whom she has had the opportunity to work.

Teaching is another professional area to which Loudon has devoted extensive attention, publishing papers on teaching effectiveness and assessment methods. Loudon has taught many thousands of undergraduate students over the last few decades. Her innovative teaching has been recognized by teaching awards at UCI and by the Pacific Branch of ESA. She provides teaching-related service and leadership to her department, school, campus, and the University of California system through committee work.

Loudon has been involved with ESA since her days as a graduate student. She has served as the elected chair of her section and as an appointed member of the national Program Committee, in addition to organizing symposia and intermittently serving as a judge or moderator at the annual meetings. She served on the editorial board of Environmental Entomology, is currently an associate editor for Frontiers of Invertebrate Physiology, and regularly serves as a reviewer for other journals and funding agencies, particularly the National Science Foundation.

(updated September 2020)