Richard T. Mayer, ESA Fellow (2004)

Dr. Richard T. Mayer, BCE, has enjoyed a 30-year career with USDA-ARS since receiving his Ph.D. in entomology from the University of Georgia in 1970.

He initiated his research career in insect biochemistry and physiology at ARS’ Veterinary Toxicology and Entomology Research Laboratory (VTERL) in Texas. He later became research leader of the VTERL Physiology and Biochemistry of Livestock Insects Research Unit (1977), director of the U.S. Horticultural Research Laboratory in Florida (1984), and research leader for the Arthropod-Borne Animal Diseases Research Laboratory in Wyoming (2002).

Mayer’s awards include an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, ARS Southern Region Scientist of the Year, Kellog Fellow in Food and Agricultural Policy, and he is a fellow of the Royal Entomological Society. He also is founder of the Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology, serving as its executive editor for 10 years.

(updated September, 2004)