Byung-Jin Kim

Byung-Jin Kim (South Korea), born in 1947. Professor Kim completed his BSc, MSc and PhD studies at the Department of Biology at Korea University. He was a full-time lecturer at Wonkwang University, South Korea in 1985, and studied ant ecology at CEH, Great Britain as a postdoctoral fellow in 1987-1988. He was appointed Assistant Professor in 1988, Associate Professor in 1991 at the Department of Molecular Biology, and Full Professor at the Division of Biological Sciences at Wonkwang University, South Korea, in 1996.

His main research activities are in the field of insect taxonomy, in particular of the Formicidae. He was Director of the Center for Science at Wonkwang University in 1999-2002. He has been Director of the Entomological Society of Korea since 1987 and President in 2003-2004, Director of the Korean Society of Systematic Zoology since 1987 and President in 2004-2005. He also had been Director of the Zoological Society of Korea since 1987 and Vice-president in 2005-2006.

In 2005 He was appointed a columnist of daily newspaper, Joongang-Ilbo, and wrote 16 columns of ant life. He was Director of the Research Center of Development and Management of Endemic Species of Animals from Korea in 2003-2005 and the Research Center of Development and Management of Biological Resources from Korea from 2005 to 2009, Ministry of Environment, Korean Government. He won the Prize of the President from No Mu-Hyun, President of Korea, for good work in 2007.

He has published widely on the systematics of Formicidae. He was elected a Fellow of the Royal Entomological Society in 2010. He was President of ICE2012 Daegu from 2008-2012. He has appeared on TV, KBS, MBC, and EBS of insects many times. He won the Appreciation Award from ICE Council for excellent congress. He was appointed an Emeritus Professor September, 2012  from Wonkwang University. He was awarded a medal from Lee Myong-Bak, President of Korea, for amazing work on September, 2012.

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