Sections & Conveners

The 2016 International Congress of Entomology featured the following Sections and Conveners:

Section Conveners were responsible for selecting symposia organizers for their appointed section.  Symposia organizers could be subject experts who were invited by section Conveners as well as contributed symposia which were submitted online by anyone in the entomological community.  Section Conveners accept, refer to another section or decline submitted symposia. The composition of co-chairs and speakers for each symposium reflected the diversity as embodied in the 2016 congress theme – Entomology Without Borders.

1. Acarology

Armando E. Martinez (Mexico)
Adalberto Perez de Leon (USA)
Azhahianambi Palavesam (India)

2. Agricultural and Forest Entomology

Larry Godfrey (USA)
Elda Vitanovic  (Croatia)
Waqas Wakil (Pakistan)

3. Apidology, Sericulture and Social Insects

Christina Grozinger (USA)
Lilia de Guzman (USA)
Kiyoshi Kimura (Japan)

4. Arthropod Vectors of Animal and Plant Diseases

James Legg (Tanzania)
James Logan (United Kingdom)
Roger Nasci (USA)

5. Biodiversity, Biogeography and Conservation Biology

Audrey A. Grez (Chile)
Gail Kampmeier (USA)
Jessica Ware (USA)

6. Bioinformatics, and Comparative Genomics of Arthropods

John Clark (USA)
Kristen Panfilio (Germany)
Jose Ribeiro (USA)

7. Biological Control and Insect Pathology

Shaaban Abd-Rabou (Egypt)
Bryony Bonning (USA)

8. Ecology and Population Dynamics

Henry Fadamiro (USA)
Nancy Schellhorn (Australia)

9. Ecology of Pesticides, Resistance, Toxicology and Genetically Modified Crops

Lin Field (United Kingdom)
Shripat T. Kamble (USA)
Benjamin Mensah (Ghana)

10. Entomological Effects of Global Warming in Agriculture and Medical Entomology

Ephantus Juma Muturi (USA)
Paul Weston (Australia)

11. Entomology Around the World

Grayson Brown (USA)
Antonio R. Panizzi (Brazil)

12. Entomophagy, and Entomology in Popular Culture

Florence Dunkle (USA)
Gene Kritsky (USA)
Peter Smithers (United Kingdom)

13. Frontiers in Entomology

John Carlson (USA)
Sarjeet Gill (USA)
Ted Turlings (Switzerland)

14. Functional Genomics and Transgenesis

Susan Brown (USA)
Reddy S. Palli (USA)
Wei Xu (Australia)

15. Genetics and Evolutionary Entomology

Adrien Fonagy (Hungary)
Ann Fraser (USA)
David Heckel (Germany)

16. Insect Biomechanics and Insect-Inspired Robotics

Marianne Alleyne (USA)

17. Insect Chemical Ecology

Ylva Hillbur (Nigeria)
Annie Ray (USA)
Paulo H.G. Zarbin (Brazil)

18. Insect Immunity

Angela Douglas (USA)
Elizabeth McGraw (Australia)
Jens Rolff (Germany)

19. Insect Neurobiology

Richard Newcomb (New Zealand)
Peter Simmons (United Kingdom)
Jim Truman (USA)

20. Insect-Plant Interactions in a Changing Climate

Saadia Lhaloui (Morocco)
Naoki Mori (Japan)
Bonnie Pendleton (USA)

21. Insects in Food Safety and Homeland Security

Anthony Clark (Australia)
Brian Kopper (USA)
Alberto Pantoja (Chile)

22. Integrated Pest Management and Sustainable Agriculture

Divina Amalin (Philippines)
Margaret Appleby (Canada)
Thomas Green (USA)

23. Invasive and Exotic Entomology

Jose Romeno Faleiro (Saudi Arabia) 
Lisa Neven (USA)
Daniel Strickman (USA)

24. Medical and Veterinary Entomology

Adriana Costero-Saint Denis (USA)
Stephen Higgs (USA)
Anthony James (USA)
Willem Takken (The Netherlands)

25. Molecular Basis of Insect Learning and Behavior

Emmanuelle Jacquin-Joly (France)
Kevin Wanner (USA)

26. Morphology, Systematics and Phylogeny

Adriana E. Marvaldi (Argentina)
Joseph V. McHugh (USA)
Christiana Weirauch (USA)

27. RNAi and Gene Expression Control in Insects

Kent Shelby (USA)
Rosemarie Tedeschi (Italy)

28. Physiology and Biochemistry

Jon Harrison (USA)
Le Kang (China)
Jeff Scott (USA)

29. Stored Products Entomology

Maria Otilia Carvalho(Portugal)
Rizana Mahroof (USA)

30. Urban Entomology in a Changing Environment

Kris Braman (USA)
Chow-Yang Lee (Malaysia)
Coby Schal (USA)

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