North Central Branch Call for Symposia

The NCB-ESA Program Committee is currently requesting proposals for symposia and workshops for the 2024 Annual Meeting in Fort Collins, CO (24-27 March). The theme for the meeting, created by president Clint Pilcher, is “Integrative Entomology for Community Collaboration.” Therefore, we are soliciting diverse proposals that showcase members who engage in science and discovery, and experimental design. We particularly encourage NCB collaborative symposia with entomologists and people that engage communities through teaching, scientific communication, and extension. We are also seeking out workshops that target professional development (e.g., learning a new skill, expanding diagnostics, and networking). Be creative in developing your submissions!

The deadline for symposia submissions is October 31, 2023. All successful applications will be confirmed and notified by early December.

Submit your symposium proposal

If you would like to discuss a symposium idea prior to submitting a proposal, please contact the Program Chair, Erin Hodgson.

Proposals are to be submitted online, and submitters will be required to provide:

  • Session Title
  • Summary Statement of the Goal or Concept, and Objectives
    • This statement will be used by the Program Chairs to evaluate the submission. A strong summary statement should include:
      • Topic being addressed
      • Scope of topic
      • Relevance of topic
      • Goal or objectives
  • Symposium Description (50 words or less)
    • Provide a short (3-4 sentences) session overview describing what the attendees will take away from your session. Think marketing and edu-tainment. This will be posted in the online program to aid attendees in selecting the sessions that they wish to attend.
  • List of several speakers you plan to invite to participate in your symposium
    • Where possible, include the topic you would like each speaker to address (or title of talk), speaker's career-level, area of expertise, and whether the speaker's participation has been confirmed.
  • Comments for Program Organizers (optional)
  • Total time required
    • 2, 3, or 4 hours
  • Organizer name(s) and contact information

Submit your symposium proposal

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