Michael Brewer

Incoming P-IE Representative to the Journal of Integrated Pest Management Editorial Board

My interest centers on research and development of IPM strategies and their incorporation into field crop management systems. I have special focus on regional pest risk assessment and decision support for managing insect pests of row crops, and understanding the environmental and cropping system context of plant-insect-natural enemy interactions. As a current member of the Editorial Board of JIPM, my evaluation is that the Journal of Integrated Pest Management is a great resource and is also challenged by being a rather unique society-supported outreach journal (at least for ESA). There are a fantastic number of downloads of published articles, but a fairly low number of submissions compared to other ESA journals.  I have published in JIPM, encouraged submissions, and am current subject editor in its sister research journal, Journal of Economic Entomology. I welcome continuing service on the Journal of Integrated Pest Management Editorial Board, in order to contribute to the discussion of best positioning JIPM for success.  JIPM is very deserving of PIE section support, keep on downloading and submit an outreach manuscript!

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