North Central Branch Meeting Call for Symposia

The NCB-ESA Program Committee is seeking symposia that are relevant and responsive to current and emerging entomological issues for the 2019 NCB-ESA Annual Meeting in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The NCB has a long and proud history of work and innovation in IPM, and we anticipate this emphasis will remain a strong part of our 2019 program with symposia showcasing applied entomology. At the same time, the NCB is broadly diverse so we encourage symposia topics that showcase the full breadth of our entomological activities. 

Selection of proposals will be aimed at spanning the range of interests of NCB-ESA members, including exciting new scientific developments, and representing the geographic and gender diversity of members. We encourage submissions from Early Career Professionals and students! 

All symposia ideas are welcome, and do not hesitate to be creative when considering topics! Members have already begun proposing symposia. Some general ideas, in alphabetical order, include:

  • Big data applications in entomology
  • Entomology collections or museum data and/or research 
  • Environmental stewardship (e.g., landscape ecology, biodiversity, climate change, ecosystem functions)
  • Field crops/turf and ornamental crop/fruit and vegetable crop IPM
  • Hands-on workshops or demonstrations
  • Improving science communication with the public
  • Innovations in teaching, extension, and outreach
  • Medical/veterinary/public health/urban entomology (e.g., pest outbreaks and management, vector borne diseases, bedbugs)
  • Microbe-insect interactions 
  • New and emerging molecular biology/genomics/proteomics applications in entomology
  • Pest control operator training
  • Plant-insect interactions
  • Pollinator biology
  • Sensing in arthropods and insects

If you would like to discuss a symposium idea prior to submitting a proposal, please contact Dr. Jennifer Pechal.

Symposia Proposal Requirements

Proposals are to be submitted online, and submitters will be required to provide:

  • Session Title
  • Summary Statement of the Goal or Concept, and Objectives
  • Brief Symposium Description (50 words or less, required)
  • List of several speakers you plan to invite to participate in your symposium
  • Comments for Program Organizers (not required)
  • Total time required: 2 or 4 hours
  • Organizer name(s) and contact information

Symposia Proposal Deadlines

The call for symposia has been extended through Friday, October 19, 2018. All successful applications will be confirmed and notified by early November.

Submit your symposium proposal

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