Pegs, Pouches, and Spines: Systematics and Comparative Morphology of the New World Litter Bug Genus Chinannus Wygodzinsky, 1948

Dipsocoromorpha, the minute litter bugs, are minuscule true bugs with substantial undescribed biodiversity. The authors of the newest Thomas Say Monograph taxonomically revise the genus Chinannus Wygodzinsky, 1948 (Dipsocoromorpha: Schizopteridae: Ogeriinae), describe 26 new species, and expand the known natural range of species in the genus to span most countries between Nicaragua and Bolivia.

Authors: A. Knyshov, S. Leon, R. Hoey-Chamberlain, and C. Weirauch
ISBN: 978-0-9966674-1-8
112 pages. Softcover.

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