Entomology Summer Camps

Below are some summer camps and courses on entomology for children. Please check the links for dates, times, and information on the courses. Last updated March 20, 2013.

H.O. Lund Club's Bugcamp a the University of Georgia -- Students will spend the week learning about insects from UGA Entomology faculty, graduate students, and staff. Insect collecting field trips, tours of entomology labs and research facilities in Athens, and campus lectures/insect identification labs will provide students a hands-on entomological learning experience both in and out of the classroom.

Beekeeping Camp at Mississippi State University – MSU is offering a Beekeeping Camp for teams composed of a youth, 12 years or older, accompanied by a parent. Training will cover topics include: equipment and jargon, setting up a hive, managing pest, diseases and parasites, mite monitoring, nutrition, swarm management and capture, producing specialty honeys, harvesting and processing honey and wax, queen rearing, health benefits of honey, feeding bees, income from pollination and honey sales and much more! 

Bug and Plant Camp at Mississippi State University -- The oldest residential entomology camp in the world. Collecting trips are interspersed with briefings on medical entomology, insect photography, bee ecology and using Global Positioning Systems to identify insect collection sites.

Summer Camp at the Delaware Nature Society -- A number of camps on insects are offered, such as "Bees, Bugs and Blooms" and "Insect Safari."

Bio Boot Camp at the University of California, Davis -- Learn what it takes to be a biologist from biologists in this camp jointly run by the UC Davis Museum of Wildlife & Fish Biology and the Bohart Museum of Entomology. This camp is designed for those who want to further explore wildlife and insect biology.

Cub Creek Science Camp at Bear River Ranch in Rolla, Missouri -- Watch a meal worm metamorphosis into a beetle or a caterpillar into a butterfly. Attract and identify nocturnal as well as diurnal insects, build habitats or compete in the bug Olympics!

Bug Camp for Kids at Penn State University -- An educational day camp for 8 to 11 year-olds. Students observe and collect insects and participate in laboratory exercises to learn a broad range of biological, ecological, and environmental topics.

Insect Summer Camp at the University of Maryland -- Objectives are to promote a positive attitude of students towards science by using insects as models to learn basic science concepts; to expose students to different types of data collection, analysis, and synthesis about insects using a variety of media; and to illustrate the important link between humans and the environment using insects as indicators. 

Bugs Without Borders in Toronto, Ontario -- Educational Workshops introduce kids to the amazing lifestyles of the leggy and fabulous! Bugs without Borders offers numerous programs to help children learn more about the weird and wonderful bugs of our world.

Summer Bug Camp at the Colorado Plateau Museum for Arthropod Biodiversity -- During the weeklong summer bug camps, children age 7 to 14 will learn about insect natural history and biodiversity through a series of fun projects and activities.