Infographics and other Shareable Resources

Similar to a fact sheet, the resources below are designed to be informative documents that can explain a topic of interest on an entomological topic but do not advocate for a specific opinion. Infographics may either be stand-alone resources or extracts from our fact sheets and position statements. If you have a topic that you think would make a good fact sheet, please use our comments form to make the request.

2 infographics as excerpts from the Malaria/Lyme Disease Comparison fact sheet (re-published October 15, 2019)

4 infographics as excerpts from the Climate Change position statement (published January 25, 2019)

3 infographics as excerpts from the "Is Bt Safe for Humans to Eat" fact sheet (published May 7, 2018)

"What is IPM?" (PDF or JPEG) (published on November 7, 2017)

"What Can an Entomologist Do for You?" (PDF or JPEG) (published on July 18, 2017)

What Can an Entomologist Do for You?

"What is Gene Drive?" (PDF or JPEG) (published on April 17, 2017).

What is Gene Drive?

March for Science Resources