ESA Position Statements

The profession of entomology is increasingly important to the welfare and progress of human society. Professional entomologists have the position and authority to render effective service to humanity, in keeping with high standards of ethical conduct. To advance and maintain the honor and dignity of the profession, the Entomological Society of America has authored and established positions on a wide range of subjects. After first publishing here on the ESA website, position statements will publish in the ESA journal Annals of the Entomological Society of America. They remain valid policy of the Entomological Society of America for four years after their initial publishing date unless renewed or retired by the ESA Governing Board.

Click through to read the ESA Position Statements on the following topics:

Statements currently being actively developed or revised:

  • The ESA Science Policy Committee has begun reviewing the following statements in 2021.  They may be reaffirmed, edited, redrafted, or retired.  If you are a subject-matter expert interested in volunteering to join the writing committee, let Erin Cadwalader know.  
    • Endangered Insect Species (deadline for input: February 26, 2021)
    • Arthropod Biodiversity (deadline for input: June 25, 2021)

ESA members may submit comments on any position statement up until approximately five months prior to the statement's expiration that may help to influence a future rewrite of the statement. Retired ESA position statements that are no longer active may be found here.