Social Media Guidelines

- ESA uses its Twitter feed and other social media outlets to share information of interest to the entomological community from a wide variety of perspectives and outlets, including both reported articles and opinion/editorial pieces.

- Information shared through the Twitter feed or elsewhere does not constitute the official position of ESA unless this is explicitly stated.

- Material is selected for the Twitter feed by communications staff with extensive knowledge of communications in entomology, based on one or more of the following criteria:

     * Is the article we wish to link to well written, without obvious bias or poor science?

     * Does the article quote ESA members or other reputable entomological sources?

     * Is the topic of the article newsworthy? Would it interest ESA members and stakeholders?

- Decisions about presenting information through Twitter are outlet-neutral and made without consideration of the political viewpoint of the outlet where the article appears. Decisions are based on the individual article in question, its informational value to ESA members and stakeholders, and the official position of ESA if one exists.

- If there is a difference of scientific opinion within the ESA membership around a particular issue, ESA takes special care when selecting articles related to that topic.

- When presenting material through Twitter, ESA strives to make the source of the information clear through proper attribution.