Sonja Swiger

Incoming MUVE Representative to the Arthropod Management Tests Editorial Board

Dr. Sonja Swiger has state-wide responsibility for livestock/veterinary entomology and the mosquito extension contact for Texas.  Sonja assists with planning and conducting education programs in pest management of arthropods and diseases attacking livestock, companion animals and public health.  She also assists the public and county agents by addressing all insect related issues and questions. Sonja also serves as the chair for the Arboviral Task Force, developed to better educate and serve Texans in regards to mosquito borne diseases.

Sonja has given 277 program presentations on insects and insect management, published 18 Extension publications including the lead editor of the Texas Mosquito Manual, 4 peer reviewed journal articles in the Journal of Economic Entomology, Neotropical Entomology, Pest Management Science and Journal of Medical Entomology and been quoted or interviewed for over 100 newspaper or popular press articles.

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