Student 3-minute Presentation Competition Information


Students are eligible for the competition for 12 months after the month of graduation, with current ESA student or student transition membership.

While all presenters may submit one oral and one poster to the Annual Meeting program, students may only submit one presentation to the student competition. 

Evaluation & Judging

Students who present in the Student 3-minute Presentation Competition will be evaluated in the following areas:

  • Comprehension & Content (50%)

    • Background and significance of the topic: Relevant to current or emerging issues (5 points)
    • Significance of the results: Improved knowledge of the topic (5 points)
  • Engagement & Communication (50%)

    • Stage presence & engaging the audience: Eye contact, voice inflections, stance, professional demeanor, engaged & held audience attention, enthusiastic delivery (5 points)
    • Effective use of time and visuals; logical delivery (5 points)

Each presentation is judged independently have four judges who were selected by the ESA Section Presidents. In the event of a tie, the Student Competition Co-Chairs will confer with the judges to determine the winner.

A Sample 3-minute Presentation Evaluation Form is available for reference. 


Students compete only against the students in their session and not against students in other sessions. The size of each session is dependent upon the initial number of presentations submitted to the competition. 

Each presentation is allotted a total time of 3 minutes; questions are not allowed. The three-minutes of the presentation begins as soon as the presenter reaches the podium. To ensure that the fast-paced nature of the 3-minute sessions are maintained, presenters are requested to sit in the first few rows of the meeting room. Presenters should also be familiar with the order of presentations in the session (found in the online program and mobile app). 

Moderators of 3-minute Presentation sessions have been instructed to keep presentations running back-to-back, not pausing for gaps in the program. Therefore, presentation times are not listed in the program. Please arrive prior to the start of the session to ensure you are present when it is your turn to present. Moderators are instructed to enforce the time limit and the moderator will stop a presenter who exceeds the time limit of 3 total minutes. Please time your presentation accordingly to avoid this embarrassing situation. 

Please note: There is no restriction to the number of slides a presenter may use for their 3-minute Presentation.

For information on presentation uploads, please visit the 3-minute Presenter Information page. 

Presenter Tips

View the presenter tips for engaging all audiences.

Note: Abstracts may be edited online through October 16, 2020. To access your abstract, use your personalized link for the Annual Meeting Portal.

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