Winners of the MUVE Student Travel Awards

Year Winners
2019 Paula Castillo, Hannah Greenberg, Hannah Quellhorst, Shannon Sket, Caixing Xiong
2018 Charity Owens, Ethan C. Degner, Aaron Ashbrook, Sang-Bin Lee, Christopher E. Bibbs
2017 Sanjay Basnet, Meredith Spence Beaulieu, Ashleigh Faris, Sudip Gaire, Annie Rich
2016 Brittany Campbell, Mark Janowiecki, Casey Parker, Mary Rushton
2015 Michael Bentley, Jenny Carlson, Kyndall Dye, Chong Chin Heo, Amy Murillo
2014 Sydney Crawley, Zachary DeVries, Chris Holderman, Garima Kakkar, Breanna Lyle, Erika Machtinger, Javier Miguelena, Meaghan Pimsler, Tamra Reall, James Ricci


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