Welcome Letter from the Eastern Branch President

I invite you all to the Eastern Branch meeting in beautiful Annapolis this coming March 17-19, 2018!
The meeting is an action-packed two plus days, a NEXUS of learning and enjoyment:

Kick-off Reception Saturday Evening at our very own ESA National Headquarters,
adjacent to our meeting at the Westin Annapolis.

Science and the Media Lunch and Learn Panel Discussion on Sunday:
Lively Q&A with four experts hosted by our very own standup answer man Mike Raupp.

A very big Bug’s World at the Westin, organized by Faith Kuehn and John Cambridge,
including the unveiling of their Kickstarter-funded Mosquito Sculpture and Education Project
by the Wiley H. Bates Middle School in Annapolis.

Exciting symposia, Student Poster and Oral Paper Competitions, Silent Auction, Linnaean Games, 
Steamed Arthropods with Old Bay seasoning, and more!

Kim Todd, author of three books and many articles including Chrysalis, will keynote our lavish Luncheon on Monday.  Chrysalis is the story of Maria Sibylla Merian, pioneer naturalist and artist who studied insect metamorphosis in the 1600s!  You’ll love it!

On Tuesday the Ninth International IPM Symposium begins in nearby Baltimore, less than 30 miles away.  
Make it a “twofer” by attending this wide-ranging meeting as well!

See you there!  
Eastern Branch President Don Weber

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