ESA North Central Branch 2013 Meeting Program Symposia

Program Symposia

Mountain Pine Beetle: History, Ecology, and Management in the Black Hills

Organizers:  John Ball and Jose Negron

Sunday afternoon (June 16)

Innovation in Research and Extension in Wheat IPM

Organizers:  Jeff Bradshaw and Gary Hein

Monday afternoon (June 17)

Insect Behavior

Organizer:  Daniel Howard

Monday afternoon (June 17)

Communicating Research to the Public: Strategies Then, Now, and for the Future

Organizer:  Amanda Bachmann

Tuesday morning (June 18)

Revolutionizing IPM: Novel Pest Control Strategies for a Changing World

Organizer: Mitchell Stamm

Tuesday morning (June 18)

IRM – the Road to Resistance is Paved with Good Intentions

Organizer:  Clinton Pilcher

Tuesday morning (June 18)

Shut Your Trap: Quantifying Biocontrol Services

Organizers:  Matt Grieshop and Mary Gardiner

Tuesday afternoon (June 18)

Spider Mite Management in the North Central US

Organizers:  Thelma Heidel-Baker and Erin Hodgson

Tuesday afternoon (June 18)

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