Gary J. Brewer

Incoming North Central Branch Representative to the ESA Governing Board

I am a 40-year member of the Entomological Society of America and have served on many ESA committees and was Secretary and Chair of section Fa, Host Plant Resistance to Insects. My service to the North Central Branch has also included committee service, often as chair, twice as local arrangements Co-Chair, and NCB President in 2004-05. Most recently, I have been serving as the North Central Branch Representative to the ESA Governing Board. Other professional service includes Secretary and Chair of CEDA, the Council of Entomology Department Administrators and membership on the Board of Representatives of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST).

At the University of Nebraska, I have been Department Head for almost 11 years and am now Interim Assoc. Dean and Assoc. Director Agricultural Research. I also teach two undergraduate classes and a graduate IPM class and have a research project on livestock entomology to develop new IPM tactics, including the use of repellents and attractants in a push-pull system. Other research projects include collaborations on crop IPM systems, the molecular mechanisms of resistance to the BT toxin by the western corn rootworm, and conservation of the federally endangered Salt Creek tiger beetle.

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