Pacific Branch Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension (pass-through award)

The nomination from PBESA to the National ESA competition for the Distinguished Achievement Award in Extension. This award recognizes an individual who has made outstanding contributions to Extension entomology. 

Previous Winners

View the list of those who have previously received this award.

Nomination Requirements

  1. Letter of nomination
  2. CV of the nominee
  3. Up to three letters of recommendation
  4. Documentation of Extension Activities and Impacts.

Nomination Process 
Submit the award nomination packet through the Pacific Branch Award Nomination Website. 

Evaluation Criteria


  1. Professional Background(60 points total)
    1. Leadership and participation in professional activities (10)
    2. Honors, awards, achievements, and recognition (7)
    3. Special assignments and committee activities (10)
    4. Service outside of extension, including community activities (7)
    5. Grantsmanship (8)
    6. Recommendation of colleagues, peer groups, etc. (8)
    7. Publications (10)
  2. Program Management(40 points total)
    1. Creativity and innovation of program's concept (8)
    2. Development, educational strategy (8)
    3. Implementation, including publications (8)
    4. Diversity of program's delivery (8)
    5. Evidence of program's impact (8)

File Specifications
Only PDF files will be accepted.Supporting image files should be embedded into the document, and should be of sufficient resolution for easy viewing. All nomination packets are limited to a maximum of 20 pages. (Any reprints are not included in the 20 page limit.)

Nomination packages must be received by the ESA Awards Administrator via the Pacific Branch Nomination Website by Monday March 19, 2018 at 12:00 Midnight. This deadline refers to receipt by the Awards Administrator of a complete package in a readable format. Please inform the canvasing committee of an intent to nominate by Monday February 19, 2018 via email to and  

Any questions regarding the award or nomination process please email Chuck Burks ( or Mary Sorensen (

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