Program Highlights

Plenary Speaker: David Holway

Presentation Title: Argentine ant invasions and the loss of native ant diversity

David Holway received a B.A. in zoology from UC Berkeley and a Ph.D in biology from the University of Utah. He conducted postdoctoral research at UC San Diego, where he is currently Professor and Chair of the Section of Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution in the Division of Biological Sciences. His research focuses on biological invasions and plant-pollinator interactions.

Communicating Science in a Fake News, Emotional World

Entomologists are increasingly called upon to articulate the impact of their programs and activities to a broad audience. The ability to engage a diverse audience is critical to providing that audience with a steady stream of stories that demonstrate the value of the work of the entomological community to stakeholders, funding agencies, and the American people. 

The PBESA is hosting two one-hour workshops focusing on communication during the symposium "Communicating Science in a Fake News, Emotional World." The date and time of this session will be made available soon. 

  • "The science of talking science and the importance of science communication" led by Katherine Wu. Katherine Wu is a biologist, science communicator, and digital editor at NOVA at WGBH in Boston. Dr. Wu served as Co-Director of Science in the News at Harvard when she was a graduate student in the biomedical sciences. Her goal is to help make cutting-edge science accessible to the general public. Participants will gain knowledge, and skills to more effectively communicate their science. Learn more about Katherine Wu.
  • "Detroit Hives: Work hard, stay bumble!" led by Timothy Paule. Timothy Paule is a co-founder of Detroit Hives, a social enterprise to create urban bee farms in East Detroit. Detroit Hives aims to bring diversity and cognizance to honey bee awareness and a place for the community to experience, firsthand, honey bees, conservation and their role in our ecosystem. The goal of this workshop is to allow participants to discuss, review, and evaluate a successful science-education project that reaches kids and adults in a fun and interactive format while rebuilding inner-city communities. Learn more about Detroit Hives.

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