Plant-Insect Ecosystems (P-IE) Lifetime Achievement Award in Entomology

The P-IE Lifetime Achievement in Entomology Award, formerly known as P-IE Legends of Entomology Award, recognizes the career of an entomologist who has greatly contributed to the advancement or promotion of entomology, and has been an inspiration to others. The award, consisting of an inscribed plaque, is presented at the Monday afternoon P-IE Networking Session during the ESA Annual Meeting. Recipients are expected to attend the session to receive the award. To facilitate attendance, awardees will receive a travel stipend of $1,000 and waiver of registration to the ESA Annual Meeting.

For questions about this award, please contact the P-IE Awards Committee Chair, Patrick Moran.

Nomination Requirements
Evaluation Criteria
Previous Winners
Submit a Nomination


Anyone with at least 20 years of experience as an entomologist is eligible to be nominated.  Nominations can be made by anyone.

Nomination Requirements

The letter of nomination must include the following:

  • Name of nominee
  • Professional or academic title of nominee
  • Current or former affiliation, if retired: Place of work or other appropriate affiliation
  • Contact information: Mailing address, e-mail address and telephone number
  • Relevant employment: Locations, titles, and years of employment
  • Awards and honors: Awards and honors and bestowing institutions. Please exclude grants and contracts. Significant elected positions may be listed.
  • Entomology contributions and impact to a P-IE disciplinary area: Short description of the nominee’s contributions that can include numbers of graduate students and post-doctoral associates advised/mentored; significant achievements (economic/scientific impact); numbers of research publications, presentations, or grants; and service to the Entomological Society of America, other scientific societies, and the community/public as it relates to entomological sciences.

The nomination letter should be three or fewer pages in length. The CV, if attached, is excluded from the page limit. Font size for text may not be smaller than 10 points. Only PDF files will be accepted. Supporting image files should be embedded into the document and should be of sufficient resolution for easy viewing. The nominator should submit the nomination packet via the P-IE Award Nomination website.

Evaluation Criteria

Nominees will be judged using the following criteria for a total of 100 points:

  • Entomology accomplishments relevant to a P-IE disciplinary area (50 points)
    • Originality and rigor of scientific studies or professional activity pursued (10 points)

    • Quality of products of research or professional activity, including peer-reviewed publications and other written products (15 points)

    • Evidence of communication of scientific findings and/or professional advances in prominent settings (including invited presentations, national/international meetings) (10 points)

    • Evidence of collaboration with scientists and other professionals locally, nationally and internationally to synergize scientific advances (10 points)

    • Relevance to P-IE Section. Must have pursued the above criteria relevant to plant-insect ecosystems. Topics include behavioral, ecological, and evolutionary relationships in natural landscapes, as well as integrated pest management (IPM) in agriculture, horticulture, forests, and lawn and garden. Aspects of crop protection, host-plant response, plant pathology/vectors, pollination, biological control, microbial control, and others are relevant. (5 points)

  • Impact of entomology achievements (25 points)
    • Impact on the entomological sciences and other scientific fields (15 points).

    • Impact on agriculture, conservation, environment, policy and/or society (10 points).

  • Leadership and service in entomology (25 points)
    • Mentorship: Professional development of students and peer scientists/professionals (10 points).

    • Leadership in teams to advance scientific discoveries and to realize their broader impacts (5 points).

    • Service to ESA, other scientific societies, and to the public as it relates to entomological sciences (10 points).


Any candidate nominated but not selected may be renominated. Nominators must resubmit the nomination via the P-IE Award Nomination website.

Previous Winners

View the list of those who have previously received this award.


Nomination packages must be submitted online via the P-IE Awards Nomination website by July 1 annually. This deadline refers to receipt by the awards administrator of a complete package in a readable format.

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