Policy & Initiatives

The Entomological Society of America (ESA) is a non-partisan scientific organization. We represent a broad spectrum of opinions united under one principle: the promotion and advancement of scientific inquiry, discovery, and communication. A key component of our mission is to enable our members to share their science globally. We join coalitions of scientific societies to further our mission; employ policy specialists to assist in our decision-making; provide accurate scientific input to lawmakers, agency leaders, and other community stakeholders; and develop and support programming to educate scientists about the importance of scientific advocacy. If you have questions, comments, or concerns about ESA's science policy platform, please send us your feedback.

ESA strategic principles guide the Society's policy and initiatives, maintaining the focus on larger issues that affect the discipline of entomology, its practitioners, and its stakeholders. In addition to the regular programming of the Society, there are three areas where we seek to exert our influence.

  • The Grand Challenges program is an attempt to scan the horizon of the world's largest issues and seek areas where entomology can make a meaningful and lasting contribution.
  • The Science Policy initiatives focus on raising awareness of the importance of the entomological sciences in policy discussions, educating policymakers, and providing our members with a voice in science policy debates. 
  • Position statements are one of the key tools in influencing policy makers. To advance and maintain the honor and dignity of the profession, ESA has authored and established positions on a wide range of subjects.
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