Southeastern Branch Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching

This award recognizes a member of the Society deemed to be an outstanding teacher. Recipients of this award are nominated for the ESA Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching.  The award will be presented at the ESA-SEB Annual Meeting. The recipient is expected to be present at this meeting to receive the award.

Previous Winners: View the list of those who have previously received this award.

Eligibility: The nominee must be a current ESA-SEB member and have demonstrated excellence in teaching entomological subjects, possibly developing new courses and innovative teaching methods.A recipient of a widely recognized teaching award will not be eligible unless the accomplishment cited as the basis for nomination represents new work. Previous recipients of this award are not eligible. Re-nomination of unsuccessful candidates is encouraged. 

Nominations: Nominations for this award may be made by any ESA-SEB member or unit administrator in the SEB region. Members of the Awards Committee are not eligible to nominate candidates or receive this award during their terms.

Award Nomination Information: Nominations must be accompanied by the following information:

  1. Cover page with the year and name, address, telephone number and email address of nominee
  2. Letter of nomination
  3. Academic record, including degrees, dates and institutions
  4. Brief description of employment and professional experience in teaching entomology
  5. Statement of entomological teaching accomplishments on which the nomination is based, includingdemonstrated excellence in teaching entomological subjects and possibly developing new courses and innovative teaching methods
  6. Assessment of the nominee's accomplishments emphasizing work during the preceding 10-year period to be recognized by the award
  7. Professional activities during past 10 years, including advisor to student organizations and offices and memberships in professional societies
  8. List of publications, patents and teaching materials during past 10 years
  9. List of scholarly presentations during past 10 years
  10. Related information, includingcommunity activities, youth groups, and awards and other recognition

Additional supporting information, including no more than three letters of recommendationfrom professional colleagues and current or former students.

Deadline for Nomination Submissions: The ESA SEB Members Award Chair must receive nomination packages by Friday January 12, 2018. This deadline refers to receipt of a complete package in a readable format. Therefore, early submission is highly recommended.  All submissions must be placed through the Southeastern Branch Award submission site.

Resubmission of a Nomination: A candidate nominated, but not selected, may be re-nominated no more than two times within the 2-year period after the initial submission. Nomination packages will be retained for two years by both the ESA National Office and Entomological Foundation. Nominators must send a letter of re-nomination to ( ) by the nomination deadline. Previously submitted documentation will be used for the evaluation process unless the nominator submits new or updated documents. The re-nomination e-mail must contain this additional documentation. New or updated documents must follow the electronic submission requirements.

Notification: The awards administrator will notify all candidates and their nominators with the results of their nomination approximately two months after the nomination submission deadline.

QuestionsG. David Buntin

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