Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity (SysEB) BioQuip Products Undergraduate Scholarship

With the unfortunate closing of Bio-Quip, this award will not be offered in 2022.  The Systematics, Evolution, and Biodiversity Executive Committee will be re-evaluating this award for future years. 

The BioQuip Products Undergraduate Scholarship seeks to encourage and support undergraduates students from North American universities who are seeking a career in entomology. The amount of the scholarship is $2000. Scholarship funds are dispersed directly to the student to cover costs related to tuition and living expenses.

To be eligible for the scholarship, three criteria must be met:

Criteria 1: Student must be enrolled as an undergraduate with a declared entomology major at an accredited college or university in the United States, Mexico or Canada; if the college or university does not offer a degree in entomology, students must be preparing for a career as an entomologist through their studies.
Criteria 2: Students must have been enrolled for at least one full academic year (e.g. a rising Sophomore or higher) and still have at least one year (e.g. two semesters) of undergraduate enrollment remaining before graduation by June 1 in the year the application is submitted.”​​​​​​
Criteria 3: The student's cumulative GPA must be 3.0 or higher.

Nomination Requirements:
Nomination Packets must include the following:

-Personal statement covering entomological interests, career goals, and financial need (2-page max.)
-Two letters of reference
-Current undergraduate academic transcripts
-CV following the given template

Evaluation Criteria:
Proposals are competitively evaluated based on the following four factors:

-Personal statement and future potential as an entomologist
-Strength of academic record
-Strength of letters of reference
-Financial Need

Scholarship Renewal:
Students who are awarded a BioQuip Scholarship are may renew their scholarship a maximum of two times (for a total of three years of support). Applications for future renewals will also be due on June 1 of each subsequent year. 

Criteria for renewal shall be as follows:
Criteria 1: The student achieved a minimum GPA of 3.0 in course taken since the last award/renewal.
Criteria 2: The student is still pursing an entomology degree and/or a career path in entomology.

Materials to be submitted for a Scholarship Renewal:
-Personal statement discussing academic and entomological progress (2-page maximum).
-Academic transcripts
-One letter of reference

Previous Award Winners
2021: Mason Ward, University of Missouri
2020: Timothy Schwanitz, Rutgers University
2019: Genevieve van der Voort, Vancouver Island University