Winners of the Recognition Award in Insect Physiology, Biochemistry, and Toxicology

Year Winner*
2019 Consuelo De Moraes
2018 Thomas C. Sparks
2017 Mariana Federica Wolfner
2016 Gerhard Gries
2015 Angela Douglas
2014 Sarjeet Gill
2013 Subba Reddy Palli
2012 Jeffrey G. Scott
2011 John R. Carlson
2010 Gary G. Blomquist
2009 Michael R. Strand
2008 Walter S. Leal
2007 Michael R. Kanost
2006 Michael E. Adams
2005 Richard Beeman
2004 Gene E. Robinson
2003 David L. Denlinger
2002 Karl J. Kramer
2001 Alexander S. Raikhel
2000 James H. Tumlinson
1999 John H. Law
1998 Bruce D. Hammock
1997 Lynn M. Riddiford
*This award is current sponsored by Apex Bait Technologies, Inc. The award was sponsored by Bayer CropSciences from 2002-2012 and by Dow AgroSciences from 1997-2002.
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