Get-and-Go STEMbugs Workshop 2018 Resources

Title Description Grade


Biodiversity Counts Set of activities exploring biodiversity and using calculations to demonstrate biodiversity 4th

Biodiversity Counts 

Biodiversity Counts Alternate 

Biodiversity Counts Leaders Guide 

Bug Chat Activity learning about insect communication through scent and sound. 2nd

Bug Chat 

Bumblebee Boxes

Instructions for building bumblebee boxes and making observations on the insects that use them.


 6th-12th  BumleBeeBoxes
Classroom Hissing Cockroach Factsheet for successful care of Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches in the classroom K-12 Hissing Cockroach Rearing 
CSI Orlando Reenact a murder mystery to find out the killer using insects and forensic entomology techniques.  Includes background information and additional activities on the topic. 5th-12th CSI Orlando Overview
CSI Orlando Instructions 
CSI Orlando Ruler 
CSI Orlando Worksheet 
CSI Additional Activities 
CSI Background part1 
CSI Background part2
Curriculum Resources Multi-activity sources for insect learning and using insects in the classroom. All ABCs of Entomology  
(Tons of activities on a multitude of insect topics, 4-9th grade)
Modify PLT for Insects  
(Project Learning Tree activities using insects, K-12)
Monarch Resources Guide 
(25 resources for activities on Monarchs, K-12)
Science Take-Out brochure  
(Inexpensive experiment kits on many topics, 7-12th grade)
STEMbugs Ento Curricula 
(List of multi-activity insect teaching resources, K-12) 

Escaping Predation

A fun activity demonstrating the process of natural selection using moths as an example. 3rd-9th Escaping Predation moth template
Escaping Predation
Gaining Traction with Beetles Science inquiry experiment where students design a sled for beetles to drag pennies and compete to drag the most. 5th-8th Gaining Traction with Bess Beetles 
Gaining Traction Detailed 
Grasshopper “Dynamite” Dissection Guided grasshopper dissection that can be done without a laboratory or expensive tools. 3rd-12th Grasshopper “Dynamite” Dissection Handouts
Grasshopper “Dynamite” Dissection PowerPoint
Gummy Bear Natural Selection Experiment demonstrating natural selection using gummy bear candies. 5th-10th Gummy Bear Natural Selection 
Gummy Bear Hypotheses 
Gummy Bear data sheets 
Gummy Bear Excel
ID that Skeeter Activity providing information on the biology and importance of mosquitoes to human health. 7th-9th ID that Skeeter
Insect Lifecycle Wheel Make a working wheel demonstrating the difference between complete and incomplete metamorphosis. 2nd-5th Insect Lifecycle Wheel
Maggot Art Fun activity painting gorgeous pictures with live (clean) maggots to learn about fly lifecycles and forensic entomology. K-6th Maggot Art
Mealworms from Farm to Table Whole curriculum with several activities in logical order discussing entomophagy and insect farming. 6th-8th Mealworms from Farm to Table
MegaJump Experiment Using jumping insects to formulate and test a hypothesis. 7th-12th MegaJump Experiment
Mouthparts Relay Race Fun relay race using different kitchen items to demonstrate the 4 different kinds of insect mouthparts. 2nd-5th Mouthparts Relay Race
Pests and Beneficial Insects Game Matching game to teach the difference between helpful and harmful insects. 2nd-5th Pests and Beneficial Game

Pasta Metamorphosis

Insect-based craft using pasta to demonstrate and create the lifecycle of a butterfly. K-4th Metamorphosis
Smell Me if You Can Four related activities about insect communication. 4th-5th Smell Me if You Can
Spider Personality Quiz Short quiz to find out what kind of spider you are.  Can be used to make 3 groups of students. Any Spider Personality Quiz
Spots on the Fence? Experiment with house flies to determine their food color preference and solve the mystery of the spots on the fence. 7th-12th Spots on the Fence
Termite NASCAR Experiment to determine what an insect trail pheromone does to control termite behavior. 3rd-6th

Termite NASCAR

Termite NASCAR Supplemental

The Banished Beetle Group of activities on insect collection, identification, and conservation centered on the endangered American Burying Beetle. 3rd-8th Banished Beetle
Wasp Nest Dissection Instructions and tips on dissecting mud dauber wasp nests. 3rd-8th Wasp Nest Dissection
WOWbugs Using very small WOWbugs, teach basic microscope use to students. 5th-12th WOWbugs Teach Microscope

What Pollinator Are YOU?

Dichotomous key to several types of pollinators that can be played on the floor. 3rd-6th

Pollinator Directions

Pollinator Cards

Pollinator Facts PowerPoint

Using Virtual Reality to Engage and Instruct Computer demonstration of ways to use virtual reality to engage students in entomology during outreach and teaching opportunities. Any Virtual Reality Information Sheet